Do 5 Things to come out of Corona Trauma…

The whole world is badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic situation. And so, people who have been trying to get back to their normal routine. In this conditions, it is important for us to come out of this Corona Trauma. Following are the activities to make yourself relaxed and release unnecessary pressure.

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Come out and look for new opportunities…
  1. Time with Family — Those who are doing business or Jobs, this must be the first time ever that, they have got an opportunity to spend quality time with family members. So, try to get the maximum benefit from this. Have a look what your kids interested in, because they must have changed which you have never noticed due to busy life schedule. A little time spent appearing them will encourage them to do even better in life. You will also get satisfaction of being responsible parent.
  2. Keep yourself busy — Lazy man always contribute in growing frustration in the surrounding. So, keep yourself busy with something. It will keep recharging your mind and relationships also. Endorphin, a hormone releases from the body when you are active, which make ourselves fit and healthy.
  3. Develop new Hobbies — This time should be considered as a time to develop hidden talent in you. This must be the case of many of us that, due to early family & work related responsibilities, one had to sacrifice our interests and hobbies. But, now use this time and fulfill your dreams and give it a hand on your favorite things. It can be music, singing, dancing, writing, painting, cooking, shopping etc. For example, carry your Victoria Secret Credit Card and do shopping of funky cloths, which will make you happy and will create an impression of normal life.
  4. Do Meditation — Meditation and Yoga is proven things which can help in reducing stress and improving mental peace. Only a 15–20 min session will show its tremendous effects on your body. You will feel happy and a sense of satisfaction will be generated. Hence, you will overcome the additional stress of current pandemic situation.
  5. Come out and go for walk in Park Again, it is very important to come out of your past 60 days lock-down routines. Because, if you don’t do that, you will never be able to come of that trauma. A little outdoor walk in to the nearby park along with family will definitely help you to feel fresh and getting in touch of your normal life.

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