Alaska Airlines — Change of Leadership

This Monday, in a board meeting of Alaska Air Group, a major change of management is seen. Current CEO Brad Tilden has announced his retirement at the end of March. He has almost served this air giant firm for more than 8 years of tenure. However, Tilden will keep serving Alaskasworld as chair of the board. Tilden is going to cross 60 next month, so it is decided to promote his successor Ben Minicucci, who is 54, the new leader of Alaska Air Group. As we all know, this change of management has come at the most difficult and stressful time of all time, as the profit of Alaska Air significantly declined in the previous financial quarter.

Due to quarterly net loss of $431 million, it was expressed to reduce the existing workforce to around 20K from existing 23K by next year. In a statement Minicucci has shown confidence by saying “The way in which our employees have navigated through challenges is truly inspiring — and the last nine months is no exception. I’m excited and optimistic about our future as we continue this journey together.” He also said that no matter what are the pandemic situation but Alaska Airlines is flying on the right direction. Undoubtedly, Alaska Airlines is known for its best in class customer service. However, the current trend suggests that, now customers put more focus on fares.

In a last year’s report, it was said that Alaska’s average cost per seat mile, was 8.7 cents. This excludes the fuel and one-time item cost. Importantly, this is way low in compare to 9.62 cents at Southwest and 10.52 cents in Delta Airlines. Tilden had achieved this financial performance by squeezing the cost of airfare. For instance, Alaska has introduced cheaper seats at the rear portion of the plane which is non changeable tickets. Minicucci had joined Alaskasworld in 2004 in capacity of vice president of maintenance department. Later was appointed as a head of operations for Alaska’s Seattle hub in the year 2007. Subsequently, after a couple of years, he has promoted to executive vice president and COO. Alaskans are now hoping to reach at a new level from existing downfall by Mechanical Engineering degree holder Minicucci.

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